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  • Registration Adjustment Function
Operation panel at folder section enables an operator to numerically control register adjustment of individual sections using pushbuttons, making fine adjustment with ease and accuracy.
  •  Initial Setting Functions
The operation panel enables an operator to make initial setting of the next job with ease. Initial setting for the next job is possible while running a job.
  •  Repeat Order Retrieval function
By registering an order information once done, initial setting is possible with ease just by inputting the data from the operation panel. The setting is possible while running a job on the press. (Maximum 300 order information can be stored.)
  • Return-to-Initial status Function
If return pushbutton is depressed after a plate change, blanket cleaning, or marginal pin replacement, the press returns to the original position.
  •  Independent Folding Drive Control
The independent drive for the folder eliminated the changes of a folding size automatically controls all the adjustment accordingly. 6. Independent Print Registration Function. Individual print units are capable of lengthwise and lateral registra­tion adjustment. Register adjustment is selective in either rough or fine adjustment modes.
  • Error Code Monitor Function
In case of abnormality, an error code is displayed in the operation panel. In the case of operation error, it is also displayed on the panel.


  • One to six offset towers

  • Offset printing cassettes from 10" up to 18" are available.

  • Maximum operating speed of 600 feet per minute

  • Motor and drive components sized to needs of the press with all auxiliary equipment installed.

  • Automatic oil lubrication system.

  • Web break sensors are the non-contact electric eye type.

  • Hydraulically operated transport dolly for the offset cassettes.

  • Storage tables for the offset cassettes.


  • Three (3) Rislan covered vibrator rollers.

  • The vibrators are a rocker arm assembly drive from a rotary input which eliminates the need for individual gear box drive for each vibrator. This eliminates the possibility of gear streaking and dot slur due to surface speed variation if a vibrator gear box wears or is damaged due to a paper wrap-up.

  • The vibrator stroke is fully adjustable from 0" to 1 1/2".

  • Two (2) dedicated ink form rollers and one (1) ink/water form roller in the dampener unit.

  • MIYAFLOW 3 roll continuous dampening system consists of a rubber pan roller, a chromed metering roller and the water/ink form roll.

  • All ink rollers can be covered with UV compatible material.

  • Tool less ink and water adjustment is a standard feature.

  • Automatic ink wash is  a standard feature. The unit comes complete with two tanks so that UV and normal solvents can both be used.

  • The offset tower comes complete with independent unit drive for ink up, auto wash or unit preparation while the press is printing a previous job.

  • In addition to print register adjustment using the 10-key on the main operating panel on folder unit, individual units are equipped with button which enables operator lengthwise and lateral adjustment in both rough and fine adjustment by keeping pressing the button as needed. This feature ensures further waste reduction at starting up.

  • Motorized plate cylinder lateral registration is controlled by push button at each offset tower or at the main operator console.

  • 360° circumferential  register control is accomplished by harmonic drives on each tower activated by push buttons on each tower or the main operator console.

  • All offset cassettes are mounted permanently  on their own dolly and simply roll out of the press for a size change.

  • Zero position can be achieved for wash up or plate change with the press returning to its previous position or to zero position by one touch of a button.

  • All offset cassettes can be equipped with sticky back blanket cylinders or reel rod style.

  • All of the offset cassettes are bearer loaded.

  • Letterpress and numbering cassettes are available for use in any designated offset tower.


  • This press is to be equipped with a complete, multiple purpose, process section. The unit will then be equipped with a pull roll combination tension system to maintain proper web tension between the unwind and throughout the offset towers.

  • The dual pull rolls at the entrance to the process unit and the pull rolls at the exit of the process unit are can be ratio adjusted. Using the Miyascale 750 to set the in and out tension ratios can improve print registration and fold pack quality on light and heavy weights of paper.

  • Lengthwise adjustment on file punch and lengthwise and lateral adjustment on marginal punch are possible on CNC.

  • Lengthwise perforation and slitter are fixed at 1/4" from the center of marginal punch which requires no adjustment at all. They move as the marginal wheel moves. Of course, lengthwise perforation can be put at any position by using the units located at the entrance of processing unit.

  • two positions for vertical perforations or slitters. Each position has its own hardened anvil cylinder and holder shaft. The holder shaft is pneumatically operated for on/off operation.

  • One position for file hole cassettes.

  • One position for marginal punching. This unit will be equipped with Miyakoshi punch reels. The unit will be configured for single-single.

  • For replacing marginal punch and dies, the wheel only can be rotated to return initial position by pressing button. This ensures returning to the original position by pressing button after replacing work.

  • Two exhaust blowers are provided. One for chad removal for file hole and marginal punch position. One for trim removal from the slitter section.

  • Two cross perforation positions. Both positions have a dedicated hardened anvil cylinder with eccentric on/off.

  • Blades for cross perforation are changeable in one touch. This sharply reduces the time for replacement. (Utility model pending)

  • File and cross perforation. Cassettes can be instantly changed by using an air cylinder and a clamp lever. No crane is required.

  • Optional sheet cut device can be switched from folding to sheeting. Beaters are also adjusted without change gear resulting in prompt setup.

  • Miyakoshi press singles folder. This folder is equipped with external spirals. The folder is fully variable with a fold length range of 7" to 18". Rated run speed of 900 feet per minute. Remote Circumferential timing of the chute and spirals is standard. The unit is equipped with a table, reset quantity counter, pack counter and a marker for pack ending.


  • CNC eliminates the need for adjustment. Moreover, folding timing both lengthwise and lateral and chute angle are adjustable while in operation.

  • Up and down move of conveyer is controlled by elec­tric push button. Use of a side web support enables speedy delivery of folded paper of over 64GSM.

  • Wide room enables a clean folding of thick paper without irregularity.

  • Chute length is variable according to a folding size and web, creating an optimal folding condition.


  • A de-curl bar operated off of the main operator console by push-button.

  • A web severing device can be supplied for the infeed section as an option.

  • A 50" rewinder complete with tension control.

  • Miyakoshi insert sheeter with a rated run speed of 600 feet per minute.  This sheeter will be equipped with a linear compensator before the infeed section. 

  • All sheet sizes are with a change gear configuration.    Half sizes of these are accomplished by inserting a second blade into the cutter head.

  • The sheeter will be set for single and dual stream application.  A Hi-Pile receding stacker with an automated non-stop changeover when stacker has reached a pre-determined height.

  • Vertical air assist turn bars mounted on the press at customer designated locations




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