BCM Variable Cut-off Web Offset Perfector for Books

Variable Cut-off Web Offset Perfector for Books

The only Japan-made variable cut-off book press with unrivaled performance and stability. BCM realizes the productivity comparable to 3 sheet-fed presses plus 5 folders.


・Comics, paperbacks


  • Available to handle a variety of product sizes due to 4-cylinder variable inserts as well as electronic cut-off system.
  • Single-pass process of printing, curing, cutting and signature folding ensures dramatic reduction of production lead-time.
  • Paper costs can be reduced by 5% compared with conventional sheet-fed production line due to the use of less costly roll paper.
  • 2-man operation is possible, thus contributing to a big reduction of manpower cost.
  • Much smaller occupied space compared with sheet-fed production line which requires multiple presses and folders.
  • Due to in-line web inspection system, defected sheets are removed by the automatic rejector, thus enabling 100% assured defect-free production.

Main Features

  • Available to cover A-series, B-series and other special sizes.
  • 2-reel unwinder allows highly productive delivery of up to 32-page folded signatures.
  • Shaft-less drive technology assures greater operation efficiency with less workload.
  • Available for thin papers which conventional sheet-fed presses cannot handle.
  • Capable of 1c/1c or 2c/2c in 2-reel unwind as well as 4c/4c in 1-reel unwind.

Main specifications

Max. web width 673.1mm
Regular web width A2:625mm B3:544mm
Print circumference A-series: 450.8mm B-series: 393.7mm
Printable substrates Woody paper, book paper, coated paper, indian paper
Paper grammage 30g/m2 ~ 120g/m2
Max. speed A5 32page: 330signatures/min. / B6 32page: 380signatures/min.
Folding signature A4,A5,A6-vertical/horizontal B5,B6-vertical/horizontal

Machine composition figure

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