CDS Screen Printing Press for CD/DVD/BD

Screen Printing Press for CD/DVD/BD

Compactly designed high-quality disk printing system assuring higher productivity by means of 2-line systems of feeder and delivery.


・BD (Blu-ray Disk)


  • Equipped with 2 channels of feeder and delivery, making it possible to double the productivity in case of 3-color printing.
  • Quality-proven screen printing system assures minimum color variation during running.
  • Neither skill nor experience is required. Can be easily operated by anyone.

Main Features

  • High-speed and multi-functional. Available for 6-color screen printing.
  • Disk feeder is automated by means of 6-arm handler.
  • 36-stationed turntable is compatible with disks of 80mm or 120mm diameter.
  • Quick and easy one-touch plate mounting system.
  • Lift-up type screen printing unit ensures quicker setups.

Main specifications

Printed media DVD/CD/Blu-ray φ120mm、φ80mm
Printing method 6-color screen printing
Running speed 1-line production: Max. 90pcs/min. (65pcs/min. for regular running)
2-line production: Max. 180pcs/min. (130pcs/min. for regular running)

Machine composition figure

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