MFC Digital Cutter for Continuous Forms

Digital Cutter for Continuous Forms

Top quality and performance have proven by over 500 installations worldwide. MFC offers a new opportunity for business-form converting.


・Continuous forms
・Direct mails


  • Easily usable without any skill or experience.
  • Can be interconnected in-line with other machines.
  • Available for a range of paper widths and thicknesses.

Main Features

  • Possible interconnection with a collator allows efficient production of multi-layered forms.
  • Compatible with preset cutting lengths in millimeter and inch.
  • Gap-out cutter enables delivery of A4 exact-sized cut-sheets.
  • High cutting and slitting capacity to handle thick materials.

Main specifications

Web width 4-1/2” ~ 18-1/2”
Finished web width 4” ~ 18”
Cut-off length 1/24” ~ 99”
Gap-out length 3mm ~ 50mm
Max. thickness 0.9mm
Cutting length setting Milimetric or inch
Cycle cutting Max. 5 times (irregular cutting in a single repeat length)
Max. speed 24,000 cut/hour at 3” cutting (Approx. 30m/min.)
20,000 cut/hour at 6” cutting (Approx. 50m/min.)
15,000 cut/hour at 12” cutting (Approx. 76m/min.)

Machine composition figure

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