MRW Stand-Alone Rewinder

MRW Stand-Alone Rewinder

High-speed rewinder suitable for any machines. Easily operated with the most advanced web tension control system.


・Rewinding of web


  • High rewinding speed draws the maximum performance of presses and printers.
  • Available to be interconnected with any kind of printing/converting machines.

Main Features

  • Easily movable by means of caster wheels.
  • Optional addition of slitter unit allows multi-row rewinding.
  • Running mode can be switched between manual and auto.

Main specifications

Max. roll diameter 1,270mm
Max. web width 508mm
Min. roll diameter 180mm
Min. roll width 177.8mm
Roll core diameter 3” (76mm ~ 80mm) or 6” (152mm ~ 156mm)
Max. speed 150m/min

Machine composition figure

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