MSL Full-Servo Multi Platform Web Converter


MSL Full-Servo Multi Platform Web Converter

With full-servo-driven modular platform design, MSL allows free configuration and retrofitting of multiple value-adding units to meet rapidly changing market demands.


・Partially self-adhesive products
・Glued mailers



Shaft-less technology assures increased work-efficiency and quite low material wastage.


Modular-designed interchangeable cassette system provides infinite possibility of machine configuration.


Base unit and interchangeable cassettes can be added at will according to the future changes of market trends.

Main Features

  • A number of interchangeable cassettes including sub-unwinder, gluer, puncher, perforator, slitter, sheeter, fanfolder, rewinder, etc. are available
  • Each base unit is servo-driven, thus making it easier and quicker to change cassettes.
  • Optional configuration of multi-web unwinder allows producing complicated multi-layered products.

Main specifications

Max. web width 18.5”(469.9mm)
Max. processing width 18.0”(457.2mm)
Gluer repeat length Vertical: 16.5” (419.1mm) ~ 24.0” (609.6mm)
Lateral: Max. 18.0” (457.2mm)
Max. speed 150m/min

Machine composition figure

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