TOV Laminate Tube Printing Press

Laminate Tube Printing Press

High speed and top quality 6-color waterless offset printing press for laminate tubes designed with uncompromising passion to minimum job setup times.


・Plastic laminate tubes (cosmetics, foods, etc.)
・Aluminum tubes, aluminum cans, steel cans


  • Minimum printing defects due to instant curing by means of UV dryer.
  • Reduced job changeover due to tool-less mandrel replacement and ink wash up system.
  • Available for fat tubes with diameter of up to 60mm.

Main Features

  • Waterless offset press assures consistently high printing quality.
  • Easy adjustment of impression pressure by means of simple turning of hand-wheels.
  • Tool-free one-touch clamp exchange of mandrels.
  • Available to print up to 6 colors.
  • Individually motorized inking system allows independent setups.

Main specifications

Printed material PE sleeve-formed tube (round or oval)
Tube size Diameter: 20mm ~ 60mm
Length: 50mm ~ 200mm
Max. speed 100tubes/min
Standard features Corona treater, UV dryer, Varnishing unit, Dust remover

Machine composition figure

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