Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd, a pioneer since 1946 in the development of variable size, web offset presses has created various state of the art printing presses to meet the challenge you face in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. With maximum flexibility, most presses feature exclusive product innovations that not only prepare you for change but enable you to shape your future by taking advantage of profitable market segments in the 2000’s. Whether your market niche is business forms, direct mail or commercial graphics, MIYAKOSHI will meet your needs with faster makereadies, lower waste numbers, and high production output.

Miyakoshi America, Inc. is the distribution, technical service and parts center for Miyakoshi Japan in the Americas.  Our office in Dayton, Ohio, handles all of the equipment for the Miyakoshi web offset market. Our personnel in the office are quite familiar with the printing field.  We pride ourselves on our inventory control systems and at this time are responsible for the parts inventory control for one of the largest printers in the USA.

Give us a call on some of your custom built equipment or for quotes on special one of a kind projects and repair orders.

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