MDPI Digital Corrugated Box Making Machine

Digital Corrugated Box Making Machine

Digitally format-variable with simple push-button controls. MDPI assures great efficiency for extremely small-quantity corrugated boxes of many different sizes.


・Corrugated boxes


  • In-house making of corrugated boxes contributes to reduction of outsourcing costs.
  • Minimized space occupied by stock corrugated boxes.
  • Perfectly suitable for extremely small lot orders.
  • Available to cope with urgent calls for corrugated boxes.

Main Features

  • High-speed processing capacity only requiring 60 seconds to make a single box. In case of continuous production it only takes 30 seconds per box.
  • Ergonomic operation. Easily controlled via simple touch screen interface.
  • Simple to use without any complicated settings and adjustments.
  • Easy and safe maintenance and exchange of cutting tools thanks to cassette structure of main processing unit.

Box types

Machine composition figure

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