Miyakoshi America Inc. complies with the laws related to protection of personal information, and treats the personal information very carefully.

Purpose of personal information use
  • We will use personal information collected with the following purpose.
  • For response to inquiries from customer & store its contents
  • For store of customer’s transaction information
  • For announcement of new products & services
  • For commutation of business matter
Protection measures for personal information

We manage personal information from customers very carefully & securely. To protect personal information against illegal access & to prevent information losses, manipulation, leakage etc., we make appropriate and rational safe measurement.
We also make Information Security regulation, and enforce the compliance to our employees.

Personal information given to third party

We don’t disclose any personal information to third party except the following conditions.

  1. In case that we got customer’s agreement
  2. In case that we disclose the information without personal discriminable information.
  3. In case that we entrust some businesses to third party.
    (In this case, we choose appropriate third party who has appropriate privacy policy.)
  4. In case that we need the information disclosure to protect human , body and property, but difficult to acquire customer’s agreement.
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