The sole wide model in MJP series with greatly increased productivity




Variable data printing

Expands business chance with new product with added value by printing variable data on each page.

Prints variable products and corresponds with small lot with short lead time

Assists to incorporate small lot, variable, and short lead-time products that are required in current market needs, and not supported with current printing equipments, as core business.

Shorter job change time and reduces stock

Lowers labor and inventory cost to generate more profitable condition.

Low running cost

Expands business opportunities with advantage of cost performance of inkjet printer.

Corresponds with applications with variable data

Prints wider job than standard print width of MJP series (541mm).
Possible to establish more effective system with in-line bookbinding system (optional).

Main Features

Wide model of MJP series.

Extended printing width to 757mm with line head system (horizontal direction A4 -3 imposition)
Greatly increased productivity by wider width duplex printing.
Prints newspaper, book, and manual application in short lead-time by taking quality advantages of inkjet printer and wide printing.

High quality printing.

Equipped a multilevel print mode to enable selection of print mode depending on required printing quality.

High precision transport technology

The technology of web offset printing press that Miyakoshi has been accumulated is introduced.
High stability and precise printing is possible with Miyakoshi original paper transport mechanism.

Low running cost

Selected water base dye ink as standard to reduce ink cost.
Flexibly corresponds to needs of customer with an additional line-up of water based pigment ink, which is used in general on inkjet printer.

Pre/Post processing units (optional)

Based on the know-how, Miyakoshi has been accumulated for many years with experiences of web offset printing press and its processing units, we are confident to provide customers our printer with a variety of processing unit.
(Marginal Punch, File Punch, Vertical Perforation, Cross Perforation, Slitter, Sheet-Cut, Folder etc…)

Main specifications

” Printing method Piezoelectric drop on demand system line head
Max. Printing width 757mm
Max. Paper width 775mm
Resolution 600dpi x 600dpi
Number of color 4c/4c (2 tower system)
Printing speed 600dpi x 600dpi 150m/min
Drop control 1bit (binary), 2bit (gradation)
Usable Ink Water based dye (specialized for MJP printer)
Water based pigment ink (specialized for MJP printer)
Drying system Hot air roll dry system
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